Everything You Need to Know About Exhibiting at the National Stationery Show

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No matter what sector you may be doing business in, taking the time to present your company at trade shows is one of the best ways to network, acquire new customers, and upscale your business in general. For instance, if you create products such as stationery, cards, and/or synergistic lifestyle and crafting products, you may want to consider signing up for the National Stationery Show in 2022. That said, the following is an overview of what you need to know about this trade show.

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What is the National Stationery Show?

The National Stationery Show is a trade show explicitly created for those who are in the business of making stationery, greeting cards, and other similar products. As the most prolific stationery show in the United States, the National Stationery Show has served as a launching pad for up-and-coming companies and entrepreneurs working in this market. Therefore, if you are a lesser-known company trying to upscale your stationery business, this is a great trade show for you to attend.

The NSS goes above and beyond to highlight the various synergistic lifestyle products meant to supplement the needs of avid stationery users. As a result, the NSS attracts different businesses, vendors, and customers who are searching for high-quality products for both private and professional use. This makes it one of the most valuable events for those working in all aspects of the stationery sector.

The NSS Details

No matter when this event takes place, it lasts for three days. This three-day series includes a variety of educational seminars presented by experts in the field. These seminars address things such as design trends, social media marketing strategies, and much more.

Either way, given that this event attracts approximately 600 exhibiting companies and 10,000 buyers, this is an essential event for anyone who is even remotely connected to this industry. The event typically takes place at the highly spacious Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. However, that information is subject to change.

national stationery show, center, new, paper, products, events, design, market, event, companies

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are working in the stationery sector, attending trade shows, such as the NSS, is one of the best ways to network, attract new customers, and more.
  • The NSS was explicitly created to facilitate networking and sales among those working and making in this sector.
  • In addition to having high-quality products, creating a premium-quality exhibit is equally as essential to trade show success.

Need an Exhibit for the NSS?

If you are preparing for an upcoming NSS, there is no time like the present! Many do not consider hiring a professional company to build their exhibit until it’s too late. Don’t make this mistake! Taking the time to plan and create your exhibit now can save you lots of time, effort, and money later on. Luckily, by working with David G. Flatt, LTD to create an exhibition to display your paper goods, you will be able to avoid issues, like an inferior exhibit. Contact us today for a consultation, quote, and an opportunity to bring your creative vision to life.

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