Custom Fabrication Project Spotlight: Pig Out! by Matty Pritchard

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One of the greatest joys of working at David G. Flatt, LTD, is that we are constantly being challenged to create things that are exciting and unique. Our latest project working with the artist, Matty Pritchard, for “Pig Out!” is especially noteworthy. We love working with brands that need us to create their entire vision, and professionals that want to collaborate with us on a vision they have already created.

Custom Metal Fabrication Services

“Pig Out!”: The Specifics

Matty Pritchard came to us with a vision that included custom metal fabrication in the form of pig shapes. Since this was an unconventional request, we were more than excited to get to work. Although we would have gladly designed the entire exhibit for him, Pritchard had his vision (which we believe worked out quite well), so this left us free to focus on creating the little piggies.  We knew our custom metal fabrication services could handle the task.

The result was a varied collection of metal pigs that certainly served their purpose. We took the time to cut out the pig shapes with our Multi-Cam 5000 CNC cutting machine, and then Pritchard did the rest. Handcrafting the pigs in a variety of colors and patterns he took them and created a display at Artsee that included them being hung on the wall, as well as lying flat and presented on a table for closer examination.

Custom Fabrication Services

Custom Fabrication Services

Creating custom fabrication in NYC is one of our greatest joys. We simply love to create fun, unique pieces that take our client’s brands to the next level. Rather than relying on graphics or other one-dimensional types of art, Pritchard had the vision of coming to us to get a diverse collection of pigs that could not be ignored.

xSince we work with a wide variety of clients, we are always prepared to brainstorm and think of ways to create brand-boosting pieces. Our custom fabrication shop is designed to allow us to build things from wood, sheet metal, and other materials. Offering diverse fabrication services, we create pieces that are huge, tiny, and everywhere in between. No matter if you are seeking custom woodworked furniture for your office or unique pieces to ensure your trade show exhibit is a big hit, we’re always up for the task.

Custom Metal Fabrication

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are preparing for a trade show or exhibit, investing in custom fabrication services can be an excellent option.
  • Working with Matty Pritchard allowed us to create a series of amazing custom pig designs that were fabricated from sheet metal.

Seeking Custom Metal Fabrication in NYC?

If you are seeking custom design and fabrication services, we’re here to help. Here at D. Flatt, we are skilled at creating custom fabrications that can be made from a variety of materials. We create pieces of all sizes, work with budgets of all types, and have never come across a vision too difficult or strange to execute. Moreover, we are also comfortable planning and creating these pieces over a course of weeks or months, or we can also accommodate aggressive timelines. Contact us today to schedule a consultation, get a quote, and allow our custom metal fabricators to get started creating something magical for your brand. Also, head over to Instagram to view more of Matty Pritchard’s amazing work!

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