Providing CNC Machining Services to Carlos Rosales-Silva for “Border Logic” Exhibit

David G. Flatt, Ltd collaborated with artist Carlos Rosales-Silva (@loloafterdark) on the CNC machining for his latest works of art being exhibited in “Border Logic” at Sargent’s Daughters in Los Angeles until May 13th, 2023! The exhibit showcases Rosales-Silva’s exploration of identity, culture, and borders through intricate and precise sculptures that represent the complexities of the Mexican-American borderlands.

CNC Machining: Precision and Efficiency

To achieve this vision, he enlisted the help of David G. Flatt, Ltd, to fabricate the sculptures using CNC machining technology. CNC machining is a process that involves using computer software to control the movements of a machine tool. This process allows for the creation of highly accurate and complex shapes and structures with great efficiency. David G. Flatt, Ltd, is known for their expertise in CNC machining and has worked with a wide range of clients in various industries. After the CNC machining, Rosales-Silva finished creating his stunning sculptures with varied surfaces from a stucco-like impasto of acrylic paint, the hard edges of machine-cut plastic, and the roughness of individually placed rocks, which capture the essence of Mexican-American borderlands.

Bringing the Borderlands to Life

The following 4 images are examples of the stunningly abstract and highly textural work that will be exhibited at the “Border Logic” show. Each features glass beads and dyed crushed stone with acrylic paint and plastic on custom-shaped panels. The use of acrylic plastic and glass beads creates a sense of depth and dimension in the art, while the crushed stone adds a tactile quality. The overall effect is striking—the patterns and various textures draw the viewer’s eye in and invite closer inspection.

“Double Bubble”

“Garden Path”


“Border Logic”

Overall, the mixed media paintings in “Border Logic” showcase Carlos Rosales-Silva’s talent for creating complex and layered works that evoke beauty and complexity.

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The collaboration between David G. Flatt, LTD, and Carlos Rosales-Silva for the CNC machining on his pieces in “Border Logic” resulted in breathtaking sculptures that captured the essence of the Mexican-American borderlands. The intricate details and precise cuts made possible by CNC machining allowed for the creation of sculptures that were both powerful and delicate. Want to work with us on your vision? Reach out to us at David G. Flatt, Ltd, today!

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