Project Spotlight: Falke at The Running Event

When Falke asked us to conceptualize and engineer an ideal booth for The Running Event (TRE), in Austin, Texas, we knew we had our work cut out. Runners are notoriously hard to pin down — and not just because they’re always on the move. The goal was to create a visually striking and functional space that would showcase Falke’s premium athletic apparel and accessories.

Building an Open Layout

We worked closely with Falke to understand their brand and product offerings, as well as identify key messaging and design elements that would resonate with their target audience. We decided on an open layout design to allow booth visitors to be able to see the products from any angle. This simple layout gave people multiple paths to interact with the items.

Our design also let Falke distinguish its brand from the pack. TRE can get pretty crowded, and the booths often reflect that. We wanted to help Falke evoke the wide-open sense of freedom you get while running. Keeping the displays minimal offered a refreshing feeling of openness.

Attracting Foot Traffic

One of the ways we made Falke’s booth eye-catching was by placing the display plinths around the edges. This helped us attract people’s attention in passing. For instance, the life-sized mannequins popped out at you as you rounded the corner of the rear panel wall — almost as if to say, “Hi, let’s go for a jog!”

With the footwear displays, we did something similar, but we brought them closer to eye level. Shoes and socks are huge attention-getters at TRE. Our design team made sure you could easily examine Falke’s products without bending down.

Building Out the Environment

For the rear panel wall of the Falke event booth, we wanted to highlight the products and branding in one go. The stepped shelving at the back accomplished this by giving the eye a natural path to the big screen and logo. We positioned the service counter to keep the branding front of mind — if a visitor wanted to chat with the booth staff, the displays would be in full view all the while.

Compared to some of our other work, this booth was more about functionality than fashion, but we knew aesthetic appeal still mattered. On top of treating attendees to a “red-carpet” experience, our color scheme intentionally matched the product designs Falke wanted to display the most. The end effect was a more cohesive experience despite the open theme, and the Falke booth was a huge success!

Key Takeaways:

  • Create a unified design that reinforced the products and branding
  • Subtly distinguish Falke from the other event exhibitors 
  • Make it easy for people to interact with the products in passing

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Bringing Our A-Game: How We Stood Out at Coterie 2023

David G. Flatt, Ltd, understands the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace. That’s why we go above and beyond to make a statement with every project we work on. For businesses, influencers, or vendors looking for ways to make a splash at Coterie, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a closer look at how we brought our A-game to Coterie New York 2023!

Our Work at Coterie 2023

At David G. Flatt, LTD, we love great design, and we’ve got a talented team that can deliver exhibition visuals that helps you stand out among your competitors. Coterie focuses on aesthetic qualities, with form and function being important factors in how fashion is displayed and appreciated. Let’s take a look at our work:


Via Dolce Vita

Autumn Cashmere



Services Offered

For those seeking assistance for trade shows and other events, we offer the following services:

  • Design services: Three-dimensional, scaled custom drawings for each project, making it easier for you to visualize how your booth will look and request changes as necessary. We’re also experts at preparing and installing vinyl and 3D trade show logos.
  • Set-up, breakdown, and storage: We are glad to set up, break down, and store your trade show booth, making it possible for you to just show up to the event and leave when you’re ready.
  • Floors and carpeting: You can choose from various types of floors and carpeting. If you want a raised platform or high-quality rugs, we can also provide that.
  • Modular walls: A custom booth design would not be complete without our modular walls. Save time and money by streamlining the build process. Numerous methods are possible to achieve brand exposure, but we use the most high-quality components that effectively deliver brand messaging.
  • Furniture and shelving: We offer exclusive furniture, shelving, and related accessories. We have over 1,500 pieces in our collection, allowing clients to get the perfect look and feel for your unique brand.

Key Takeaways:

  • Attending trade shows is essential to growth for retailers, influencers, vendors, etc.
  • One of our favorite trade shows is the Coterie New York trade show.
  • Some benefits of working with us are that we offer logos and graphics, modular walls, setup, breakdown, storage, and more.

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