How Mirror Rentals Can Transform Your Trade Show Booth

Do you use mirrors in your trade show booth or custom exhibit? If not, you’re not using your booth to its fullest potential. Mirrors are the perfect solution to making your booth the envy of the event, and here’s how.

As a trade show exhibitor, it’s in your best interest to make your booth look as inviting and eye-catching that it easily stands out above the crowd. If it does, you could be rewarded with new leads and new customers for years to come. And that’s where trade show rentals come in.


Custom Mirrors in NYC

So, exactly how can mirrors transform my trade show display3 into something spectacular?

Custom mirrors are the one item that can give your booth the illusion of being much bigger than it really is. Trade show mirror rentals can also make your space look less cramped. And, who isn’t attracted to a mirror? 

Custom Mirrors Make a Statement

Unique wall mirrors can help you create a great focal point for your trade show booth. Custom mirrors with decorative frames can make your space more attractive to the eye, mainly when used in conjunction with backlighting.

Mirrors for Maximizing Your Booth’s Lighting

Mirrors, when used properly, can change the look of your booth by using the mirror’s reflection. A mirror’s reflection can increase the lighting in your box because it can reflect the existing artificial lighting. And this, in turn, will enhance the presentation of the products and services you are trying to promote.

Mirrors Will Give Your Booth Some Enhanced Energy

Go into any retail store, and you will probably see a myriad of mirrors. This is because mirrors can easily change any space’s dynamic, including the energy within that space. Mirrors have a water-like effect and help bring balance to any room. Additionally, mirrors tend to make people feel more welcome because they are a familiar fixture that is used just about everywhere.

Mirrors Provide Enhanced Security to Your Booth

When using mirrors with your exhibit, they will not only enhance the style of your booth, but they will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on any display items and products you have out in the open. And this in itself can make the price of your mirror rentals worth every penny!

Mirrors for Hiding Imperfections

Trade show booths are usually small spaces with lots of imperfections and not much room to correct them. However, mirrors offer the perfect solution for creating a more cohesive space, and they have the flexibility to hide any imperfections or eyesores that might be present.


A reputable trade show service company will have a full suite of services, tools, and techniques to help you design your booth and make you an excellent exhibitor. They will also have three-dimensional design services that can be used to scale custom drawings for your particular event. The goal is to help make your exhibit shine, so select a tradeshow service company that aligns with your vision and your brand.


If you would like to discuss available mirror rentals in NYC or anything else to best enhance your trade show booth design, please Contact Us today. David G. Flatt, LTD specializes in custom trade show exhibits, designer furniture rentals, fabrication, and retail designs that will WOW any crowd! And we look forward to doing the same for you!

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