Top Questions About Coterie NYC 2020

It’s almost that time again. Twice a year, the Coterie Show in New York unites four distinct fashion shows in one hot location. But what is the Coterie Trade show? Curious about the benefits of this show as an attendee or an exhibitor? Learn more with the Coterie Show FAQ below:

1. What is Coterie NYC?

Coterie is four fashion shows held under one roof. The event includes:

  • Coterie: Elevated contemporary apparel, accessories, and footwear.

  • Fame: Trend-driven and young fashion accessories.

  • Moda: An accessible array of ready to wear lifestyle collections and accessories.

  • Sole Commerce: Contemporary footwear for women.

This season, Coterie overlaps with New York Fashion Week, providing great access to buyers and designers in the first fashion week of the year.

2. Where is it held?

Coterie is held in the heart of the Hudson Yards at the Jacob Javits Center, 429 11th Ave, New York, NY 10001.

3. When is it?

The upcoming Coterie show will be held February 11, 12 and 13. Coterie show hours from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm on Tuesday and Wednesday, and 9:00 am to 4:00 on Thursday, the last day of the show. This season’s show coincides with New York Fashion Week, as well, allowing both designers and fashion buyers to make the most out of the first fashion event of the year. 

4. Who attends Coterie each year?

Coterie expects an estimated 25,000 attendees at the February 2020 show. Only qualified professionals from the fashion industry are allowed to attend this exclusive event. Every attendee’s credentials are individually reviewed and attendance is subject to the approval of Coterie’s show manager. This means that exhibitors have excellent access to buyers, retail store owners and other decision-makers.

5. What you can expect at Coterie?

Coterie is a place for designers and retailers to meet all under one roof. The assortment of unique shows and custom exhibit designs allows everyone a chance to make new connections and discover the hottest new looks and brands. Additionally, there will be a number of innovative fashion events, education and daily happenings each day of the show. All attendees can participate in these events at no extra charge, which allows you to make the most out of your NYC trip.

6. What will be in the exhibition hall?

The exhibition hall will showcase approximately 1,400 exhibitors in areas for fashion that range from youthful and trendy to luxury and high end. 

7. Why attend Coterie?

As a retail fashion professional, this is an opportunity to maximize the impact of your time in New York. This is the event that kicks off the global fashion buying season, allowing you to get a jump on what will be in demand in the coming season. The event schedule allows you to attend both New York Fashion Week and the Coterie Marketplace in a single convenient trip. In the marketplace, attendees will get the opportunity to shop modern apparel, footwear, and accessories at every price point and for every customer.

8. Who should exhibit at Coterie?

Coterie exhibitors include designers of apparel, accessories, and footwear for a number of fashion audiences. Buyers come from all over the world to make connections with new designers and to see the latest creative offerings from women’s fashion’s top brands. Coterie has buyers from retailers that range from trend to high end fashion, along with other specialties like luxury children’s clothing, and more. 

9. How can you make your business stand out?

The overlap with NYFW makes this a great opportunity to exhibit at Coterie. If you want your booth to stand out among the approximately 1,400 exhibitors, it’s time to put your most fashionable foot forward. Custom trade show booth design is a must for an eye-catching booth that allows attendees to easily interact with your brand. The professionals at David G. Flatt (DFlatt) build custom exhibits that showcase the best of every brand and help you stand out from the competition. This year, DFlatt’s stunning designs are helping over 60 companies showcase their brand at the event. Not only do you need to work with someone with the ability to capture your brand but it’s also important to choose someone with experience designing for Coterie. Navigating logistics at the Jacob Javits Center requires adherence to many rules and regulations and DFlatt is an official Exhibitor Appointed Contractor, which means your booth design and setup will meet all of their specifications. 

Get in touch with us, an experienced booth design company, today to discuss your brand’s trade show display needs and the best way to show off to the audience at the February Coterie NYC show!

Creative Trade Shows Trends for 2020

Brands and professionals are always looking for trade show display ideas and new trade show trends to help attract more attention at each event. 2020 trends for trade show companies are focused on improving the in-person experience that trade shows offer when connecting potential clients with professionals. A trade show designer can help you to create a custom trade show exhibit that stands out this year!


In a trade show event, everything comes down to the in-person experience. While most businesses rely on their marketing to capture attention online or through ads, a business has to rely on the atmosphere and the customer’s encounter with their brand in real space to engage an audience. A positive experience can help set a brand apart from the pack, create new business, and even generate word-of-mouth buzz on the trade show floor.

Using a multi-sensory approach, you can connect with visitors in a variety of ways. Use smells, music, booth lighting and more to create the ambiance best suited to fit your brand. Whether you want to convey energy, excitement, tranquility, creativity or something else, use multiple methods to better create this mood. Additionally, if you can appeal to emotions in your visitors —  you will help align your brand with a stronger sense of meaning and your brand will remain “top of mind” with customers. 


Booths can be more cost-efficient when they are made to be interchangeable for your needs at each show. Repurposing the custom exhibit design you already have in place will help avoid unnecessary expenses and waste. Trade show exhibit companies can utilize light fixtures, booth structures and other elements, updating them to fit the required dimension and theme of each show. Making your trade show booth doesn’t just help your bottom line, but it can also improve your standing with consumers as there is an increased demand for sustainability amongst brands.

Some brands and exhibitors are taking this trend in sustainable design a step further, and are actually using recycled materials including wood in their booth space. Using live plants, such as small succulents or shrubs, can add a natural-feel and give some life to your booth. In terms of design, plants can symbolize growth and good health, making them a good design element for the majority of brands. 

Another one of the more popular trade show exhibit design trends for 2020 involves creative use of flooring. Brands can use flooring to improve the flow of their booth and get away from the unknown venue flooring. Most venue floors don’t really match the style or coloring of the booth. Rather than try to match or work with the venue flooring, a booth can supply their own flooring. This will improve the look and atmosphere of the booth, providing an optimal experience for visitors.


With so many booths and brands, it’s easy for trade show attendees to feel overwhelmed. Providing convenience and comfort to guests is not only a great way to stand out, but it also means they’re spending more time at your booth. Next time you’re out an event, keep track of any commonly mentioned pain points from attendees and work with your trade show exhibit builder to come up with a solution for the next time around.

Digitizing your booth is another way to increase convenience for attendees. 

  • Informational kiosks can help people engage with your brand even if your booth workers are busy. 

  • Smartphone integration or a virtual POS system is likely to help streamline their experience and can increase the chances of securing new business. 

  • Enable guests to opt-in for your email list for a specified value.

  • Send an immediate welcome email after the show to the guests that signed up during the event, reminding them of your booth and brand. This will help your brand be relevant and responsive instead of spammy.

  •  Charging stations can help visitors that need to recharge their phones and devices. 

Incorporating seating into your space is another way to prevent attendee fatigue or burnout during a multiple-day trade show.  You can also offer water, snack items, branded bags and anything else that might make the experience more convenient on behalf of your brand. 

Need help generating creative trade show booth ideas for your business? David G. Flatt can help. We have years of experience with custom trade show booth design and are well versed in the best trade show industry trends in 2020!

Click here to set up a trade show consultation or give us a call at 718-937-7944!

Designing The Perfect Bridal Market

New York’s One Fine Day Bridal Market is an occasion that can’t be missed. This year’s event is scheduled for April 19 and 20, and it promises to offer access to some of the best wedding dress designers in the industry. David G. Flatt is proud to partner with One Fine Day wedding fair to design a market that has a cohesive look while still highlighting the individuality of the brands being showcased to industry buyers and media.

new york bridal market 2020, best wedding dress designers, one fine day london, one fine day wedding fair, bridal market nyc


According to Grand View Research, the size of the wedding wear market is only expected to grow. It is predicted that this market will be worth as much as $87.9 billion by 2025. As this industry continues to grow, it will only become more lucrative for designers and buyers alike.

Bridal markets give you an excellent opportunity to take advantage of this lucrative industry. These events attract both buyers and the media, showcasing pieces from multiple brands.


Bridal markets are all about beauty and elegance. Because there is so much variety and luxury in these markets, you need to find a way to give your market a cohesive look, while still making each exhibit memorable. Not only will a consistent aesthetic improve the overall experience for attendees, but it will also position your market to seem more experienced. More experienced markets, such as One Fine Day Bridal Market, attract better brands and offer better outcomes.

The best way to achieve a consistent aesthetic is by working with a proven show manager. In addition to helping you establish the look and feel, a good show manager will also use quality materials that add class and sophistication. Because your market will bring in a range of attendees, with an eye for quality, choosing the right trade show exhibit designer is critical for your market’s success.


David Flatt Design has over 25 years of experience designing custom booths and exhibits for sought-after trade shows and conventions like the One Fine Day Bridal Market. DFlatt has also designed for LIGHTFAIR International, Fancy Food, The National Restaurant Show, Magic, Coterie and more.

We understand the importance of effective pre-show preparations, and we have extensive experience in managing preparations and logistics. With so many different brands participating, your bridal market has many moving parts. We know how to manage the brands and their individual ideas for their booths while still maintaining the overall guidelines for the look of the market. We are also comfortable working within the set-up and breakdown requirements of whatever venue you choose.

David Flatt offers comprehensive services to clients, including:

  • Custom designs based on each brand’s vision and goals.

  • Customized modular walls configured to meet client needs.

  • A variety of flooring options, including carpet, vinyl and hardwood.

  • Graphics, set paper, wallpaper and logos created to meet client specifications.

  • A full catalog of options, including mannequins, chairs, tables, rugs and storage rentals.

  • Set up, break down and storage services for your convenience.

All of our services are fully customizable and will be tailored to meet each brand’s specific requirements. 

If you want to put together a bridal market NYC attendees will remember, you need the right designer. Please contact DFlatt today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Choosing The Right Metal For Your Project

Benefits of cnc cutting, custom cnc machining, custom metal fabrication, custom cnc and milling, signage, design

Your customers can tell a great deal about your business at a glance, and that starts with your retail locations or tradeshow displays. It’s not unusual for someone to judge a brand based on the perceived quality of design, strength of workmanship and more — which is why millions of companies throughout the country focus on creating the best possible experience for their customers. When you ensure that your customers are able to quickly and easily get the details that they need from your business — such as seeing your retail service offerings or perusing a display — they are more likely to make a purchase from your brand. 

At David G. Flatt, LTD, our design team is always looking for new and innovative designs and solutions that will help our clients communicate the unique value offered by their brand. Our metal fabrication is one way that our clients differentiate from their competitors, blazing new trails in terms of design and usability. Selecting the correct metal for your next project is a key component of success, and we are happy to share how these decisions are made for our clients.


One of our key offerings is clothing racks, which often require specific fabrication requirements. While there are plenty of “standard” designs for clothing racks, our team prefers to work with clients to define exactly the correct dimensions, look, feel and materials for each new retail space. That allows us to shift between round or square pipes, how the retail spaces will be broken down or used and more. Many of our metal fabrication projects are completed in-house, with everything from cutting, welding and milling completed within our space. This allows us to ensure that everything is completed to our exacting standards of excellence.


One question that our team receives all the time is when clients ask if there are any limitations around the type of metal that we can work with. Fortunately, our team of world-class designers is able to source metal and other products all around, ensuring that you can find exactly the right finish, weight, look and function that you need for your project. It is important to note that specialized metal options could take longer to obtain, so having enough lead time is important for a specific coating or other option that may not be widely available.


While there are no exact answers for a custom project, the team at D. Flatt does everything possible to ensure that your project is completed in a timely manner. Smaller projects may be finished in only a few weeks, while projects with a broader scope that use hard-to-find materials may take up to six weeks to complete. This is one of the considerations when we are defining the metal to be used in new projects. If your timeline is short, we generally recommend using commonly-available metals that we can quickly get in-house to begin your work.


Some of our clients are very clear on the exact specifications of what they need — which is great! Other clients are not exactly sure what is available on the market in terms of metal fabrication, and we are happy to work with each client to find the right solution based on their budget, timeline and other unique needs. Having the majority of our metal fabrication done in-house allows us a range of flexibility in terms of project size, so we are able to take on larger-scale projects on request. 

Our familiarity with the various types of metal that are often used in fabrication means our designers can often make alternative recommendations that will still provide the functionality and look that you need at a reduced price-point or timeline for delivery. 

While we do have preferred metal options, we are happy to work with nearly any type of metals that are needed to achieve the goals for your brand. Our extensive experience in retail merchandising racks allows us to ensure that you’re getting the right solution that will maintain strength and stability over time and with the pressures of daily use from the public.

Having the right materials for your project is a vital consideration and our metal fabrication work allows you to create exactly the look that you want for your next project. Each of our solutions is custom-built to your specifications, to ensure both the functionality of the piece and the design are helping to advance your brand. 


Contact our team of professional designers and metal fabricators at 718-937-7944 or via email to [email protected] to schedule your complimentary initial consultation. As builders, we have a passion for creating unique spaces, places and people that will engage and delight audiences for tradeshows, retail and more.

Choosing The Right Material For Your Project

Modular Trade Show Walls

Whether you’re building a display for the first time or have been doing it for years, there are still certain questions and considerations for selecting the right material and design that will catch the eye of your target audience. At D. Flatt, we work with displays of all sizes and budgets and take pride in our team’s ability to deliver thoughtful designs that encourage audience interaction and engagement. 

Our services will help you create an impact, from designing a new retail space to creating a tradeshow presence that will stop attendees in their tracks to learn more about your brand. Choosing the material for your project can have a profound impact on the functionality and use of your displays, which is why our team takes a great deal of time to ensure we fully understand your project before making recommendations. Here are a few of the steps we work through as we’re preparing to deliver your ideal display.


One of the first steps the team at D. Flatt takes is to gain a full understanding of your project needs.

Some of the questions we consider include:

  • Will the project be one-time use or will it be used several times throughout the year?

  • What is the size of the space for the display or tradeshow booth?

  • Where and how will the display be used?

  • Does the display need to be easily broken down for shipping and packaging?

  • How many people will be building the display? (For instance, does it need to be easy for an individual to assemble)

  • Where will the display be installed?

  • Are there engineering or structural support considerations?

  • Do you require or prefer that we use sustainable materials?

  • What is the budget for the project?

Each of these answers will help us as we move into the next phase of design: ideation.


How your display is going to be used is often a key determining factor in the materials that we recommend. If you are looking for a one-time use project that needs to be as inexpensive as possible, our first recommendation is likely to be to use plywood or an MDF board that will keep expenses under control while still providing a polished and professional look. For a more high-end design, our team will look to hardwoods and other materials that will provide a longer-term solution to your tradeshow or design needs. Are you looking for a comprehensive display solution, or simply fitting in a new piece to an existing tradeshow booth? Each of these questions will help us narrow in on the right materials for your project.


You might be surprised to learn that one of our first questions surrounds your budget. It’s vital that you carefully consider this request, as it will help our design experts ensure that we are providing the best recommendations for your project. For instance, if you have a relatively low budget it will help us make recommendations that will fit your unique needs or scale back on any ideas that would be too intricate for your budget to support. Anytime you share a budget with our team, you can be confident that we are still looking at all alternatives to find the best solution that provides your brand with the impact and message that you wish to convey to your audience while still supporting your functional display needs.


Sustainable building materials are an important consideration in recent years, and our team is well-qualified to help support your needs. We have worked with a variety of sustainable materials and designs, most recently by replacing the traditional plywood with bamboo-based alternative plywood that had many of the same characteristics of plywood. The added benefit for this particular building material was that bamboo is more easily farmed than cutting down trees — allowing our client to tell the story about the environmentally-friendly materials used in their tradeshow design. This direction can help reinforce your brand voice around sustainability, appealing to a broad range of potential customers with your displays.

The material that you select will ultimately have a powerful impact on your audience, making this one of the most important decisions you will make early in the process. Our dynamic and creative team is passionate about creating projects that are a reflection of your brand while still being purpose-built and functional. Our wide range of designer trade show furniture is available for rent or you can take advantage of our diverse fabrication services to supplement your style.

 Contact our team of friendly professionals at 718-937-7944 or via email to [email protected] to schedule your complimentary initial consultation and learn more about how we can support your design needs.

How Mirror Rentals Can Transform Your Trade Show Booth

Do you use mirrors in your trade show booth or custom exhibit? If not, you’re not using your booth to its fullest potential. Mirrors are the perfect solution to making your booth the envy of the event, and here’s how.

As a trade show exhibitor, it’s in your best interest to make your booth look as inviting and eye-catching that it easily stands out above the crowd. If it does, you could be rewarded with new leads and new customers for years to come. And that’s where trade show rentals come in.


Custom Mirrors in NYC

So, exactly how can mirrors transform my trade show display3 into something spectacular?

Custom mirrors are the one item that can give your booth the illusion of being much bigger than it really is. Trade show mirror rentals can also make your space look less cramped. And, who isn’t attracted to a mirror? 

Custom Mirrors Make a Statement

Unique wall mirrors can help you create a great focal point for your trade show booth. Custom mirrors with decorative frames can make your space more attractive to the eye, mainly when used in conjunction with backlighting.

Mirrors for Maximizing Your Booth’s Lighting

Mirrors, when used properly, can change the look of your booth by using the mirror’s reflection. A mirror’s reflection can increase the lighting in your box because it can reflect the existing artificial lighting. And this, in turn, will enhance the presentation of the products and services you are trying to promote.

Mirrors Will Give Your Booth Some Enhanced Energy

Go into any retail store, and you will probably see a myriad of mirrors. This is because mirrors can easily change any space’s dynamic, including the energy within that space. Mirrors have a water-like effect and help bring balance to any room. Additionally, mirrors tend to make people feel more welcome because they are a familiar fixture that is used just about everywhere.

Mirrors Provide Enhanced Security to Your Booth

When using mirrors with your exhibit, they will not only enhance the style of your booth, but they will also make it easier for you to keep an eye on any display items and products you have out in the open. And this in itself can make the price of your mirror rentals worth every penny!

Mirrors for Hiding Imperfections

Trade show booths are usually small spaces with lots of imperfections and not much room to correct them. However, mirrors offer the perfect solution for creating a more cohesive space, and they have the flexibility to hide any imperfections or eyesores that might be present.


A reputable trade show service company will have a full suite of services, tools, and techniques to help you design your booth and make you an excellent exhibitor. They will also have three-dimensional design services that can be used to scale custom drawings for your particular event. The goal is to help make your exhibit shine, so select a tradeshow service company that aligns with your vision and your brand.


If you would like to discuss available mirror rentals in NYC or anything else to best enhance your trade show booth design, please Contact Us today. David G. Flatt, LTD specializes in custom trade show exhibits, designer furniture rentals, fabrication, and retail designs that will WOW any crowd! And we look forward to doing the same for you!

Why You Should Choose CNC Cutting Services for Your Project

Custom CNC cutting creates beautiful displays and works of art that can help drive sales for companies. These displays can be used just about anywhere from trade shows, performance venues, store windows, festivals and can exhibit the uniqueness of a company’s brand, image, and voice. Learn more about how quality custom CNC work can help your company’s bottom line and brand awareness below!

Custom CNC Cutting Services by David G. Flatt


The expert design-build fabricators at DFlatt (David G. Flatt, LTD) find that their clients are looking for three things in their product displays:

  • Vendors that complete projects on time.

  • Flawless execution of their design concepts for beautiful displays.

  • The workshop creating the fabrication does so at the right price point.

All three of these needs are best met with computer numerical control (CNC) cutting. CNC routers cut plywood and other wood, composites, plastics, aluminums, foams, and other materials with unparalleled precision and speed. Custom CNC wood cutting equipment isn’t just used for the creation of display panels. Fabricators can also use custom CNC cutting to create a wide selection of indoor and outdoor decoration, door carvings, signs, moldings, furniture, and musical instruments. 

When the engineering is done properly, larger CNC cutters take human error out of the fabrication process. The computer that drives the cutter still needs input from designers, and it’s still necessary to plan out every step of the project before the first cut is made. However, no other method can transform a 4’ x 8’ sheet of plywood into an eye-catching display faster or more precisely. The design needs to be engineered before using the CNC machine so the pieces cut line up and fit into the final product properly.


Picture of CNC Wood Cutting

Every CNC cutting machine takes computerized information and translates it into instructions for a mechanized cutter to follow. CNC cutting design is the combination of art and technology that creates the instruction for the CNC cutting machine.

There are smaller, hand-held CNC wood cutting machines that can be used for turning plywood into more detailed displays. These smaller, hand-held devices speed up the process of making displays, but they also introduce the possibility of operator error.

At DFlatt we use an oversized, 5’ x 10’ CNC cutting machine capable of cutting hardwoods, softwoods, plastic and aluminum that can accommodate necessary pieces of the assembly of even the largest displays without the need for a human operator in the immediate proximity of the work. Our industrial-sized CNC cutting machine is more efficient, more versatile, and more accurate to the original design than smaller alternatives.

Professional Custom CNC Wood Cutting Progress

DFlatt’s Multi-Cam 5000 CNC router eliminates mistakes and wasted material. It enables the creation of complex projects that are not possible with handheld tools. DFlatt most often works with plywood, wood composites, plastic, and polyurethane foam, but its router can be fitted with steel bits as needed.


It may seem as if operating a CNC wood cutting machine is easy but the engineering, design, and construction to execute a project can be quite complex. At Dflatt we handle all of that for you and are readily available for any of your custom CNC machining service needs. Our new Multi-Cam 5000 CNC machine with two cutting bits that will halve the operational time since it works both sides of the piece at the same time. We can also help you create the design you are looking for. Our CAM software can import models from any major CAD programs. We have custom CNC cutting engineers that will work with you to turn your ideas into a reality.

Although you can purchase a CNC cutting machine, it is extremely expensive. By working with Dflatt you can receive the custom project of your dreams without having to purchase and upkeep a machine. We will help you engineer your idea. For example, we once created a 14’ tall gummy bear. Using a CNC machine, “we used a 3D printer approach, but with thicker layers, since it was plywood,” for the artist WhIsBe. Thus, a lot more goes into these projects than just cutting material, so leaving it up to a professional that can handle the engineering, design, construction, and assembly is in the best interest.  

Custom CNC Services by D. Flatt

Furthermore, the most intricate and eye-catching display projects require the largest and most complicated CNC cutting equipment and the right team. For complex projects, trust the experts. With decades of experience, DFlatt can help take your design from idea to engineering through the fabrication. Our Multi-Cam 5000 provides the ability to create those complex projects that would be difficult or near impossible to create by hand. With features like precision and high speed, large scale art production, custom sign fabrication, furniture, and set design is made possible with shorter completion time. Only companies that are willing and able to invest substantial work hours and capital costs should attempt to have their own CNC Department as a lot more goes into these projects than just cutting. 

Using a professional, experienced vendor like DFlatt is the hassle-free, cost-effective option. Additionally, DFlatt offers various worthwhile advantages that other CNC contractors do not.


At David G. Flatt, LTD we can take your design from idea to engineering through the fabrication process. We are ready to handle any custom CNC project no matter if it’s large scale or small. Save the expense of purchasing and upkeep a machine by trusting the top experts here at Dflatt. If you are looking for ways to bring your creative aspirations to life, our supportive team of designers can capture your vision and bring it to reality. Submit a custom CNC work cost quote request or give us a call at (718) 937-7944. Or contact us to set up an appointment to visit our shop at 38-42 Review Long Island City, NY 11101. We service Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Long Island City, and the greater NYC area.

Why You Should Choose DFlatt for Your Clothing Rack & Hanger Rentals

When designing your showroom, trade show exhibit, pop up shop, or any other location to showcase your clothing, you might mistakenly not even consider your clothing racks. There are many types of clothing racks that can work to enhance your brand’s voice. Some options include long and short, reinforced, hollow, solid, hanging, permanent, mobile, and more. Whether you’re looking to rent clothing racks or have custom racks designed and fabricated, David G. Flatt is the place to turn. As an experienced clothing rack rental supplier, the source for all business needs, as well as for coat rack rental NYC, you can depend on their expertise to showcase wardrobe.

Small and large businesses alike, particularly those in the clothing industry, find the types, style, and even customized clothing rack solutions they need at DFlatt. Here’s why you should choose DFlatt for your clothing rack and custom clothes hanger rentals.


With our tooling, skilled craftsman, CNC machining capabilities, and state-of-the-art sheet metal shop, it’s a natural fit for DFlatt to create heavy-duty, rolling rack, and other types of rental clothing racks. Most of the hangers and racks we provide are for trade shows, events, and retail space design. For these events, we work with the designer to design the booth with the racks and hangers. If the client has a specific theme, like rustic, we will use a blackened steel rack. Which involves a chemical process that oxidizes the metal to produce a dark finish.

Image (2).jpeg

Furthermore, if the designer wants to mimic their store, we can customize the clothing rack rentals if we don’t have it in stock. For Amanda Uprichard, we used stainless steel racks and white wooden hangers to make it look like people were walking into their NYC store. 

Image (1).jpeg

If a client likes clean lines, we can do square stock vs. round. In designs with clean space, we like to lean towards white finishes. As you can see, for our client Twenty, we went with the white gloss powdered racks and white wooden hangers to keep the clean and polished look our client was going for. 

Our experienced team understands that there are many needs and reasons for rolling rack rentals and that naturally means a variety of different styles and types of clothing racks. Take a look at our trade show exhibits and retail space designs to see more examples of our clothing racks and hangers on display. 


DFlatt has many styles and options for racks and hangers. The clothing racks we offer come in a ton of different width and height sizing options. Some common sizes include 48” / 60” W, and 65” H.  When transporting the racks some are fixed due to their size or weight, but some can be disassembled and reassembled. There’s also a range of color variations such as:

  • Blackened Steel

  • Black Gloss Powder Coated

  • Black Matte Powder Coated

  • Stainless Steel

  • White Gloss Powder Coated

  • Brass

  • Chrome

  • Welded Tubing

  • Brushed Stainless Steel

As far as hangers are concerned, suit hangers, shirt hangers, and pants hangers are offered in a variety of sizes and styles, such as:

  • Natural Wooden 17” shirt and suit hangers

  • Natural Wooden 14” pant hangers

  • Black Wooden 17” shirt and suit hangers

  • Black Wooden 14” pant hangers

  • White Wooden 17” shirt and suit hangers

  • White Wooden 14” pant hangers

Image (3).jpeg

For our client Theory, we used a brushed chrome rack and black wooden hangers. Here at Dflatt, we deliver reliable and quality clothing rack options. If we don’t have something that works perfectly for you, don’t stress, we can fabricate custom racks exactly to your needs. 


It doesn’t matter if it’s a heavy-duty coat rack or a wardrobe that is taken from location to location, where a fixed rolling rack would work best –  if it matters to you, it matters to DFlatt. The hardworking people and businesses of NYC are part of the fashion epicenter of the world, so many trends, styles, and fashions are born here. Our goal is to make your products stand out on our racks. 


If you are looking for clothing rack rentals, then you need to look no farther than DFlatt because we’re the source and your answer for clothing racks and hangers. For more information on our designer furniture rental, to place an order, or to discuss clothing rack ideas or your needs for garment racks and hangers, contact us today!

Diverse Fabrication Services

Custom Fabrication Services

It doesn’t matter who, where, or what type of project, they all begin with planning. The success of a project is always determined by executing with precision. Thus, from planning, executing, and completing a project, DFlatt delivers expert professional fabrication services.


At DFlatt, trade shows are in many ways the heart of our business. Much of that truth stems from having more than 25 years of experience working as custom exhibit designers. With trade shows and convention exhibits such as The National Restaurant Show, Coterie, and many others to credit, we offer our clients the tools and resources to make their visions a reality.

For an event called “On Her Turf,” we created this awesome display to mimic a shattering backboard. We cut mirrored acrylic into shards and hung each one individually from a ceiling by a plywood truss with integrated lighting. 

Image copy.jpeg

Using the most advanced CNC machining tools and smart custom fabrication technologies, along with our team’s expertise provides the opportunity to grow into other areas including the maker space. That includes working with smaller designers and business manufacturers on projects in Opendesk (an open-source platform) among others.


When it comes to quality and style, our custom fabrication services offer unrivaled options. Browse their exhibition of furniture rentals to discover your next piece or a great idea for that upcoming trade show, pop-up space, or event. If we don’t have what you’re looking for we can create a custom furniture piece for you with our CNC machining capabilities. 


The Cantilever Chair is a custom design project completed by David G. Flatt that is now displayed by fashion designer, Elie Tahari. This chair needed to be a gesture that communicated stability with flexibility and strong continuity of form and line. The chair’s unique design was influenced by David Flatt’s tendency to lean back while seated!


The world of retail space design is about time, creativity, and the means to make it happen. Products and venues change, and with every change comes an opportunity to find new ways and concepts to showcase and market goods. Innovation is the motor that drives metal fabricators, designers, and others in the industry.


While the final result of our diverse fabrications are impressive, it’s how they are made through the magic of custom fabrication that takes center stage. From the aforementioned technology like Opendesk, where DFlatt is an NYC CNC contributor, to advanced tools and CNC machining, the road from an idea to a reality is often an amazing one.

From wood to custom metal furniture fabrication needs, your project is provided with a full metal sheet complete with bending, welding, and laser cutting. The real rockstar of the shop, however, is the MultiCam 5000 Series CNC Router. It can do unbelievable things using the most cutting-edge CNC machining technology since it has two spindles allowing double the cutting speed. There are a few other custom welders and fabrication shops that can deliver the same quality.


Have an idea, need an idea, or need the help of custom fabrication company that has the resources, tools, technology, and people to make it happen? Delivering custom and diverse fabrication services set us apart, and our ability to make an idea a reality is what makes us unique.

If you need custom fabrication services, from the planning to the execution and delivery stages, you’ll want experienced, professional, and expert fabrication services from a company like DFlatt. Contact us today for more information or to discuss an idea, and let’s create something great together.